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About Us

Royal Land Landscaping, a company that has been established on 2014, is one of the national companies that revolves around client satisfaction at the Emirate of Abu Dhabi through establishing, landscaping and providing services and consultancies for the parks in accordance with the highest standards and the most detailed aspects.

“Royal Land” depends on its agriculture specialties which focus on gardening the vital parks to achieve the client satisfaction via creating a spectacular scenery in the houses, companies, schools and, generally, environment.


We, as a team, improve our skills, experiences and creativities that privilege our works and distinguish us from our competitors. We are always looking forward to development, excellence and novelty via meeting the wishes of our clients to establish a sui generis parks with a guarantee to fulfill our undertakings to provide the best and most beautiful royal landscaping in Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Public Safety

Promote the concept of occupational safety at work and after work for our employees.

Ensuring the availability of first-aid box in the workplace is absolutely necessary to our safety​.

The use of personal protection and safety equipment is one of our priorities while working to avoid work-related accidents.

We educate our workers and raise their sense of awareness. This contributes to the reduction of injuries in work environment.

We are committed to ensure that the safety of sharp tools, chemicals and flammable materials are stored in a safe place and looked after by a supervisor.​

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