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Products & Services

“Royal Land” provides a set of a valued amazing products in landscaping, including:

Type and Quantity of flowers

Stones and Rocks for external Ornamentation and Decoration

Type of Grass & quantities

Irrigation System for Watering

Type of Trees & Size

External Lighting

Services provided

“Royal Land” provides the services of supplying and gardening the green areas (known as the natural grass) in several ways as per the capabilities: either by gardening a whole area, transplanting or seeds growing.

Designing and executing irrigation systems: it is an automatic and modern systems that save water and effort

Supplying and paving the stone pathways via state of the art designs and diversified sittings on demand.

Supplying and planting all types and sizes of fruit-bearing trees and ornamental trees.

The technical team is in charge of landscaping, gardening and ornamenting houses with the seasonal natural flowers and roses suitable to the design.

Designing Gardens in 3 Dimension designs to resemble reality, so you can imagine the future vision of your garden before designing it.

Importing and installing lights for your garden to match the decorations at the same time.

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